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So, summers are here, right? And we are too. The famous Pest control service in Brisbane. As you begin to clean the stuff up from your abode don’t be surprised if you find some unwanted and unexpected visitors hiding in and around your home. Yes, summers can bring many pests back into our abode.

Common insects such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, and carpet beetles are likely to be seen in and around your homes this season. Not only are they a nuisance but they also cause damage and has a huge risk to the health that lives around them, including your pets, yes.

Don’t let these visitors become a part of the family! But don’t you worry Elite Bond Cleaning Brisbane bring you the tips in your spring cleaning to prevent pest infestations:

  1. Reduce moisture sources

Water attracts a wide variety of pests from mosquitoes and termites, to cockroaches and rodents. Make sure you check pipes carefully which are under your bathroom and kitchen sinks to find possible drips or leaks and help prevent pests from entering your home and taking up residence in these areas. Moreover, don’t forget to check outside your home and be sure to remove any standing water. Standing water can be found anywhere from buckets, tins, tires, and pots that may contain rainwater or anything else that can easily collect water. We have been doing the same practice for years so we have good proficiency in the same field as the famous Pest control service in Brisbane.

  1. Remove any clutter

In case you are looking for a cheap service without any efforts, you can straight away contact us, Pest control service in Brisbane make sure you get whatever you wish for. However, in the case of garages – They are great for storage but are also a great area for pests to conceal themselves as these sometimes-forgotten areas provide pests with shelter.  You can remove any unused equipment and minimize any clutter which can help to prevent an infestation of pests by taking away their hideout.

  1. Seal up entry points

Whenever you are in between of intense cleaning, check for any holes in fly screens, gaps under doors or other openings or holes where pests can enter inside, from the outside. Sometimes entry points will prevent help pests from easy access to your home. Well, it keeps your house better insulated in preparation for the coming heat waves.

  1. Dig deeper

Doing a careful inspection during your season cleaning can be great for finding insect eggs that may have been laid in hidden areas or for finding critters tucked away in your home.

  1. Remove food temptations

Food which was left out and storing food in the open is a common habit but did you know that you are inviting hungry pests into your home? Food stored in big containers is a great way to keep pests from snacking on your food. Cleaning thoroughly and nicely drink spills or food scraps can also help prevent luring pests into your home.

  1. Keep a lid on the garbage

Also, make sure garbage lids are tight fitting and well-sealed, both indoors and outdoors and if possible, don’t leave plastic bags of rubbish lying around the outside of your home. In addition to bins, there is a potential smorgasbord for foraging pests and vermin.

  1. Garden maintenance

Wherever you find it possible, try and reduce potential pest harborages around the home by keeping the lawns mown regularly and minimizing weeds, leaves and unnecessary vegetation. Even lawn clippings provide an ideal breeding medium for flies.  Try to avoid making piles of lawn clippings.

Even lawn clippings provide an ideal breeding medium for flies, so also try to avoid making piles of lawn clippings.

So in conclusion, though it’s a tricky thing to do and to keep doing it regularly it is important in order to live a healthy, safe and good life.

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